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Tapes to digital - VHS

Tapes to digital - VHS

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Contactless services : Tape to digital


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Get your old VHS videos converted to digital before they degrade. We offer DVDs for DVD players or mp4 files which will play on digital devices and can also be edited.


  • We copy videos recorded in PAL format (NZ & UK) onsite. We send Betacam and NTSC tapes out to a subcontractor - this will cost more so please contact us if not sure
  • Video tapes were recorded in "analog" and copy over as 640x480 pixels so will look pixelated on your HD TV but no too bad on your laptop/PC monitor
  • Please ensure the tape does not have mould on out (a white substance visible through the cassette window).
  • We copy tapes in real-time - if your tape is 3 hours long it will take at least 3 hours to copy plus extra time to setup and finalise.
  • for tapes to DVD we transfer one tape per DVD irrespective of the length of the recording


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If you chose MP4 we need a USB drive 


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